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What is jStart32 ?

JStart32 works as a Win32-EXE wrapper to start JAVA Applications running on Windows 2000 or Windows XP. The exe creation tool allows developers to define icon, minimal java version and the start command of their java application. Both tools, the wrapper and the configuration utility are written in Delphi 7.

Features Version 0.3:

- Graphical user interface.
- Define minimal Java version.
- Link icon to executable.
- Define own messages if java is not found or version does not match.
- Shows error message if minimal java version is not found.
- Exe size < 100 Kb.
- OpenSource


- EXE creation screen

Download jStart32 Version 0.3

- jstart32-0.3.zip (318 KB)

Project Link for Forums, Requests, Supprt, Bugs and Development

- Project page at SourceForge

Personal contact:

- EMail


- JFlightLog (uses jStart32)


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